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Breast Lift

Perhaps the most important characteristic of an attractively shaped breast is the balance between the volume of the breast and the surface area of the skin holding that volume. When that balance is off, and there is too much skin for the breast volume, then the breast becomes too relaxed, or "saggy," with a downward descent below the normal level. Correction of this problem requires either increasing the volume, as with an implant, or decreasing the skin area, called a mastopexy, or sometimes a mixture of both methods.

Removal of skin will always result in a scar somewhere on the breast. In most instances, the scar is usually one that extends all the way around the nipple-areola. For mild degrees of descent, that scar around the nipple-areola is all that is necessary. If more skin than that has to be removed, then there will also be a vertical scar downward from the nipple-areola so the scar will be a circle with a line downward. If the breast relaxation is severe, then there normally will also be a horizontal scar from side-to-side under the breast, forming what looks to be an anchor-shape to the scarring. Only at consultation can the extent of the scar needed be estimated, and the amount of skin that has to be removed will determine which scars are needed.

Possible complications

Complications are very unlikely after a breast lift, but they can occur in a very small percentage of patients. Any operation of any kind carries the possibility of anesthetic risks, bleeding, infection, suboptimal scarring and poor healing. Complications can be minimized if the patient has never had radiation therapy to the surgical area, is a non-smoker, is not overweight, and avoids medicines that promote bleeding, such as aspirin and related drugs.

Recovery time

Recovery time varies from one person to another, and depends upon the person's age, body weight, and the nature of their work and activities, and of course upon which procedure has been done. Staying overnight after a breast lift is usually not necessary.


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