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Breast Reconstruction

Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction for most women carries a tremendously profound positive physical and psychological effect, providing hope and a sense of normalcy in the midst of such a difficult time. It is for this reason that Dr. Hart has become so specialized in this area.
Breast reconstructions can be performed the same day as the mastectomy or months or years afterward. Some are accomplished using breast implants and others are performed using tissues transferred to the area from other parts of the body. Usually more than one operation is needed to obtain the best result for the patient.

Every procedure carries both positive and negative aspects that are reviewed with each patient after her situation has been evaluated, Additionally, every operation has potential complications that can occur in a small percentage of patients, even in the best of hands.

Possible complications

Complications are very unlikely after a breast reconstruction, but they can occur in a very small percentage of patients. Any operation of any kind carries the possibility of anesthetic risks, bleeding, infection, suboptimal scarring and poor healing. Complications can be minimized if the patient has never had radiation therapy to the surgical area, is a non-smoker, is not overweight, and avoids medicines that promote bleeding, such as aspirin and related drugs.

Recovery time

It is usually necessary to stay overnight after the first stage of breast reconstruction, but the later stages are often done as outpatient surgery. Recovery time varies from one person to another, and depends upon the person's age, body weight, body area treated, and the nature of their work and activities, and of course upon which procedure has been done.

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