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Anonymous Patient:

In the Fall of 2007 I received the devastating news that after a 10 year hiatus I once again had breast cancer. I was rushed through a multitude of tests. I saw a surgeon, and then an oncologist and then was told that I had to have a mastectomy. I walked into the office feeling confident but shaken, and when the door opened and Dr. Hart appeared and asked how I was doing, I broke down in tears. He told me it would be okay and not to apologize. Then he told me to come sit next to him and we would talk. And talk we did! I asked so many questions, he answered them all. He showed me photos, and reassured me time and time again that I was making the right decision and that he would put me back together again and I would be happy with the results. On October 7, 2007 I had my surgery. After the mastectomy, Dr. Hart reconstructed me and when I woke up 4 1/2 hours later, I was all bandaged and in my hospital room. Dr. Hart came by to see me and told me everything went very well and to rest. The next morning he was the first face I saw when I opened my eyes. There was Dr. Hart waiting for me to wake up so that he could check on me...and send me home!! He told me what to expect and in the coming months he was so reassuring and so caring and calm at each and every visit. I actually looked forward to going to see him because he made me feel better about myself. Well, two years have passed and I could not be more pleased with my results! I actually look better than before my surgery! Dr. Hart always made time to make me feel important and his calm and reassuring manner always made me fell like it would all be okay.

I am so happy and thankful that I found Dr. Hart. He came highly recommended by my breast surgeon and he is everything and more than what he was promised to be. I love Dr. Hart!! 

- - -


Hey Girls,
I wanted to give you all a little something to say THANK YOU!

You have all made the worst time of my life somewhat manageable, by always being so nice and compassionate. I don't know of any other doctor's office that would put up with a wild toddler like Sydney on a weekly basis.

Myra, you are something special for putting up with my many phone calls and questions.

I want you all to know you have made a big difference in my life, by your care and compassion! You all should ask Dr. Hart for a raise.

You all are truly the best!


- - -


Anonymous Patient:

Surgery of any kind that you have to alter your appearance is a very personal decision to make.  I would like to begin by saying that my choice to do a procedure (breast reduction) was made much easier because of my choice of surgeon-Dr. Hart.  Prior to seeing Dr. Hart I had consultations with two other local surgeons.  Although I am sure that they were capable in the field of surgery, I felt that something was missing- my consultations with them seemed very clinical and after leaving their offices I honestly felt as though I knew no more than when I went in.

I also, at that time in my life, suffered from low self-esteem (because of my appearance - my breasts entered the room five minutes before I did) and naturally I was embarrassed to show anyone (even a doctor) how I looked.  My gynecologist, who was aware of what I was wanting to have done also knew that I was totally disenchanted with the surgeons I had been to see so far.  He referred me to Dr. Hart.  I actually told him that I was giving up on the idea and he told me, "give it one more shot, you won't be disappointed."  I am so glad that I listened.

From my very first visit, Dr. Hart and his office staff made me feel so comfortable.  I knew instantly upon meeting Dr. Hart that he was kind and compassionate.  He took extra time to explain to me exactly what the procedure would entail (in terms I understood) and at no time made me feel like my questions were insignificant or silly.  For the first time in a very long time I felt like there was hope.  His staff was kind and helpful.  It was like having your own cheerleading squad there to make you feel good again. 


- - -

Dr. Hart,

I wanted to let you know I've seen, and worked with a lot of doctors, and you have the best bedside manner! You have always been so caring and compassionate.

I consulted with 2 other surgeons regarding my reduction, and I am so glad I picked you! I have a feeling God put me in your hands for a reason.

Besides your great work, you personally have made a difference in my life, with everything I've gone through. I've always felt you truly care about how I am doing or feeling. With multiple surgeries, it is so comforting to have a doctor I trust and have confidence in! You and your staff are amazing!



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